Engineers Like To Celebrate

I have made this statement before, but engineers are people too. We like to do things that “normal” people enjoy as well. Parties are a nice way to relax, and we will celebrate just about anything.

But we do it with our own flare.

That means everybody will get a laugh when you order a Cement Mixer for one of your coworkers. As they are the type of drink that you treat other people to, as it’s not something you would ever order for yourself. That drink has ended a lot of people’s evenings.

There are more engineer appropriate drinks than you may now. And they are more engineers ready for the celebrations to get started than you may suspect.

Need some suggestions?

You can try:

  1. The Contractor: Take 1 part whiskey, while reading a confusing and unnecessary change order. Then add another part whiskey. Then shake vigorously with anger. Garnish with tears.
  2. The Slope Stabilizer: A shot of whatever you want backed with Red Bull/RockStar/etc.
  3. The Timber Pile: A flight of whiskey and/or scotch shots or a flight of beers, but all have to be brands that are aged in wooden casks for that smooth flavor.

There are a lot more to try. Then there is always the Code of Ethics common among some of our colleges. It is a simple drink consisting of merely ice water.

Why all the talk about partying? Do you enjoy weekends? Do you want to have children some day? How much time do you want to spend with them?

Some aspects of engineering work can lead you to 12 hour days for weeks straight without a day off. You will work holidays. You will work swing shift and graveyard shift. If you are lucky you will be paid overtime, but likely you are on salary. And when it is all over, you need to celebrate your achievement, otherwise what was it good for?

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